Woman Accuses Police, Owner Of Amen Estate, Of Covering For Land Agent Who Allegedly Broke Her Leg Over N30m Deal

Woman Accuses Police, Owner Of Amen Estate, Of Covering For Land Agent Who Allegedly Broke Her Leg Over N30m Deal

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Woman Accuses Police, Owner Of Amen Estate, Of Covering For Land Agent Who Allegedly Broke Her Leg Over N30m Deal 2

Citizen Adeyinka Igbinoba, a Lagos State resident, has called on the Inspector-General of Police, Attorney General of the state and National Human Rights Commission to ensure that a land agent, Saheed Mosadoluwa and the owner of Amen Estate, Sade Gbadadamosi, are made to pay for the injustice done to her.

Gbadamosi is the chairman and CEO of Redbrick Homes International Limited, promoters and developers of Amen Estate, a posh neighbourhood in Lagos.

Mrs. Igbinoba is currently reeling in pain from a broken leg allegedly sustained during attacks from Mosadoluwa and his thugs for daring to ask him to refund N30 million collected from her siblings and about a parcel of land which was later found to be fraudulent.

Narrating the incident to SaharaReporters, she said that life has become brutish, hard and unforgiving as the hope for a new life has been dashed by alleged moves by police authorities in Lagos and operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to sweep the matter under the carpet.

According to her, Gbadamosi has denied her right to enter her property at Amen Estate Phase 2, which she said was legitimately acquired from her; and that her life has been constantly threatened by Mosadoluwa.

Mrs. Igbinoba, who is now confined to walking with crutches, narrated, “Mid 2021, two of my siblings were swindled by an alleged criminal named Saheed Mosadoluwa, aka Ibile of the sum of N30,000,000 in a bid to buy a parcel of land which was later found out to be fraudulent. When he was confronted, he promised to refund the money but he never did.

“After several months, my sisters took the matter to the EFCC and it was to no avail. They were forced to involve our parents. Our parents called this man and pleaded with him on several occasions to please refund this money. During one of the calls, he agreed that they should meet and he gave the meeting point and time which was to be by 4 pm on November 20, 2021, at his office.

“On this day, my mother had called me to accompany them to the meeting venue, which was Landbook properties, Eleganza Complex, opposite VGC.

“Unknown to us, it was an ambush, Saheed Mosadoluwa had placed his thugs around the venue. Innocently we went to his office and my mum started by pleading with him that N30m is not a small amount and that he should please refund the money.

“One of my sisters also pleaded with him. All Ibile could say was that not even the EFCC chairman could take the money from him, that he was a very powerful man and not being proud, hence he prostrated for my mum. He went on to say before he would even listen to us, we should go to EFCC and withdraw the case and then come back to meet him.

“At that point, my sister’s husband said, if that’s what he wants he should issue us a bank draft so we can have a guarantee as to why we will withdraw the matter at EFCC. All efforts to get Saheed Mosadoluwa to reason with us were to no avail. At that point, I said, “you said you are not a proud person and you are saying not even the EFCC chairman can take the money from you, and I beg to differ on your statement on not being proud.”

Mrs. Igbinoba noted that it was at that point that he flared up and summoned his thugs who came in and pounced on her brother-in-law.

“On seeing this, I brought out my phone to start recording, being a journalist and media practitioner myself.

“But Saheed Mosadoluwa saw me and came after me. He wrestled and struggled with me to take my phone but I resisted. At this point, I was making my way out of his office to an open place where people could see us.

“When he saw that he couldn’t take my phone, he went back to his receptionist desk and took wood carving as a weapon and came after me. He aimed at hitting my head, I was fortunate to see him on time so I had to dodge it. While dodging it, I lost my stability and staggered, but then he caught up with me and kicked me with his leg and I fell to the ground. He struck again with the weapon but now hit my ankle and my bones shattered instantly.

“This was a pain I couldn’t describe; he still didn’t relent. So, I knew I had to run for my dear life. At this point, the thugs were still inside dealing with my brother-in-law being the only male amongst us. When I stood up from the ground to run, that was when I realised how grievous this injury was. I had no choice but to start hopping on one leg,” she stated.

Continuing, she said, “By the time I got to the staircase, I was about to be attacked again by two of his thugs whom he had again signalled despite him still following me closely from behind, but miraculously my driver appeared. The thugs were shocked and not knowing who my driver was and momentarily dispersed. At this point, my driver knew he had to whisk me away from there. He carried me on his back and off we left the scene.

“One of my siblings saw me with my right foot dangling from my broken ankle and, alarmed, beckoned her husband who had just been rescued from thugs to make a quick escape from the premises. Saheed Mosadoluwa on seeing that I had escaped with a broken leg, went back to his office to drop the object he used. And knowing that my mum who was oblivious of his action as she was distracted by the bullies who had pounced on my brother-in-law in her presence, he now asked her for her account details and transferred N15m on the spot to my mum as if to obliterate his guilt before the innocent old woman.

“My driver rushed me from there to the hospital and my worst nightmare started from there. The following day, my husband who had just returned from a business trip went to Ajiwe police station, Ajah to report the matter and Saheed Mosadoluwa was invited. The suspect, as the law would have him called, promised to come on Tuesday, November 2021.

“Meanwhile, Saheed Mosadoluwa (the suspect) called my mum and was bragging about all he has, saying he lives in Amen Estate, he has N9bn in his account, he has an airline, and he wasn’t the one who broke my leg. He has a CCTV camera in his office that captured everything. When I heard he mentioned Amen Estate, immediately I chatted with the MD of Redbrick Homes Intl Ltd, who are the developers of Amen Estate in the person of Sade Gbadamosi, who is a well-known person to me. As a matter of fact, we were business partners.

“So, I asked her if she knew Saheed Mosadouwa, who claimed to be living at Amen Estate. And she confirmed that she knows him and that he truly lives at Amen Estate. At that point, I explained all that transpired and I told her that he wouldn’t go scot-free.

“She responded and said she was not happy because we were her two best friends. At that point, I was shocked and I asked her: ‘How is it that an alleged criminal who was once paraded by the Nigeria Police Force as a notorious criminal is your best friend?’ I forwarded a link to a report about his criminal activities to her.

“The following day she came to visit me at the hospital and told me to drop all charges against her friend if I wanted to collect the balance of N15m. I was disappointed and took this as outright blackmail.

“On the day Saheed Mosadoluwa was supposed to appear at Ajiwe police station, they got a signal that the matter should be transferred to Force CID Alagbon with immediate effect, and that my husband should report there.

“On getting there, my husband went straight to see the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG), Usman Beliel who called on SP Beatrice Agbator (the IPO at Alagbon) to brief him about the case and to my husband’s greatest surprise, the case was introduced to the AIG as a “Redbrick Case”, thereby putting Sade Gbadamosi directly in the matter.

“We later found out that Saheed Mosadoluwa filed a counter-petition against me that I was the one who brought thugs to his office.

“To our greatest surprise, Saheed Mosadoluwa is well known to everybody at Force CID Alagbon as they all hail him every time. My husband registered his displeasure to the AIG and the matter was transferred to DCP Ogundele who as far as I’m concerned is Saheed Mosadoluwa’s friend. He had said my husband must bring me along with evidence that Saheed did it and that if Saheed sees the evidence. He will realise he did it and apologise.”

Mrs Igbinoba further stated that despite her condition, she still went to Force CID Alagbon on crutches after her surgery with video and audio evidence that was clear enough to see the dastard act that Saheed committed but one DCP Ogundele asked her to hand over the evidence to one DSP MacDonald.

“Despite the fact that I didn’t trust them, because at that point I had totally lost confidence in them, yet I submitted the evidence. As I had suspected that the police officers were conniving with the suspect, three months later nothing was done about the case.

“I went personally on my crutches to see the AIG Usman Beliel and register my concern. I expressed concern about how the matter was called the Redbrick Case, meaning Redbrick wants to use their influence to pervert the course of justice and the fact that Saheed had been bragging that he had the entire police force in his pocket. And with the way Alagbon is trying to sweep this matter under the carpet, it is making it seem so.

“He promised to look into the matter and get back to us. Another two months passed and nothing happened. Having waited several months for Alagbon to conclude their investigation, I realised it was an effort in futility as they never even started any investigation in the first place. So I wrote a petition to the Honourable Attorney General of Lagos State, and Inspector General of Police respectively. Within a week, the ministry of justice, Lagos acted on my petition and detailed State CID Panti, Yaba, who swung into action.

“However, attempts to get Ibile arrested were obstructed. As a matter of fact, on one of such attempts at his residence at Amen Estate, Sade Gbadamosi met the police and said she owned the estate, and that they should leave, that she would bring him to Panti herself the following day, but she never did.

“My petition got to the Inspector General of Police and he also acted swiftly on my petition and directed the IG Monitoring Unit to take action immediately.

“SP Akin and ASP Lasisi from the IG Monitoring Unit, Abuja came to Lagos and succeeded in arresting Saheed Mosadoluwa, aka Ibile and Sade Gbadamosi (developer of Amen Estate) right inside the Force CID Alagbon premises, after ASP Mac Donald coincidentally had called both parties to a meeting. Ibile and Sade Gbadamosi were detained and later granted bail.

“To my greatest surprise, after Sade Gbadamosi got bail, she has denied me access to my building and property at Amen Estate Phase 2, with a standing instruction at the estate gates that me, my family and our workers should not be allowed to go to our building in the estate and that they should use all means possible to restrain us.

“This came as a huge surprise and makes me wonder if this is the fate of my several clients who now own properties in the estate. Should they ever have personal issues with Sade Gbadamosi, she will lock them out of their houses? Is this how far people can now take the law into their hands?

Well, this has been her way because a few years back, she and her husband demolished a part of my building in Amen Estate Phase 2, saying they did not realise it did not align with their unique air space setback rules on the first floor, having approved my building plan and construction drawings and watched us develop the structure to roof level. They demolished a section of my building with little or no regard for the rule of law.

“We were then invited to Force Headquarters, Abuja where all parties were present. In the presence of the police, Sade Gbadamosi insisted that I would not be granted access to my house at Amen Estate Phase 2, and that she needed a video of where Ibile broke my leg. She continued with her threats and oppression.

“And also, for the fact she had actually invited me to a realtors’ hang-out at phase 3 site in the middle of nowhere, some kilometres into the bush, where Ibile and his thugs were present, knowing fully well that Ibile had already made an attempt on my life once and caused me grievous bodily harm.”

On this account, Gbadamosi was further detained at Abuja and later granted bail. But on returning to Lagos, the suspects continued their reign of terror under the cover of the police authorities at Alagbon.

“I believe we are a nation bound by laws and no one is above the law. If people like the suspects are using their money and affluence to corrupt the system, they can’t bribe their way all the time. I believe in some incorruptible police officers in the force who have taken it upon themselves to keep the flag flying no matter what.

“I believe there are police officers who still believe we can salvage this country and change the narrative. This is a criminal matter with glaring evidence of the act of crime and I’m bewildered as to why this matter hasn’t been charged to a court of competent jurisdiction to see that justice is served promptly.

“All evidence has been submitted to the IG Monitoring Unit for over a month now, after the same evidence had been given to Force CID, Alagbon for over four months. The delay in the process calls for worry.

“I sincerely want to appreciate the Inspector General of Police, Alkali Baba Usman and the Attorney General of Lagos, Mr Moyosore Onigbanjo (SAN) who are using their good offices to help shine light into this matter so far.

“And I want to implore the IGP to help see to it that this case is not unnecessarily and intentionally delayed as was the case at Alagbon. Delay in justice could mean denial.

“This matter has been with the Nigeria Police Force for close to 6 months now. I believe Nigeria will be great again. And I believe people like Sade Gbadamosi and Saheed Mosadoluwa, aka Ibile are not above the law.

“They keep threatening me all the time even to the glare of police officers at Alagbon, and I want to say it clearly here, if anything happens to me, any member of my family or my staff, Sade Gbadamosi and Saheed Mosadoluwa AKA Ibile should be held responsible. Strange and unknown people now appear in my place of residence and my offices.

“As a young entrepreneur who depends solely on her personal struggles, having to be brutally assaulted causes grievous bodily harm. As we speak my ankle is supported by 12 screws and metals which will likely be there for the rest of my life and having to walk with two crutches is not only affecting my life but it’s affecting my mental health, my self-esteem, my business, my life and everything around me.

“And for the man who put me through this agony, gallivanting and threatening about that if I go to the media, I will see what will happen. And saying that he will buy his way even in court goes to show that he is making a mockery of the justice system in this country.

“I’m using this medium to call on the Inspector-General of Police, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Attorney General of Lagos, Human Rights Commission, Attorney General of the Federation and all my colleagues in the media to help make the justice system work before this criminal walking freely in our midst gets to cripple another innocent victim,” she appealed.

Mosadoluwa Reacts To Allegations

When Contacted, Mosadoluwa said Igbinoba’s siblings did not purchase the land directly from him, adding that the transaction took another turn when the siblings alleged a case of fraud against him.

He said, “They reported the case to the EFCC and they arrested our agent, one Mr. Kola. One of her siblings purchased a parcel of land worth N120m and deposited N30m so that the land would not be sold to anyone else but could not pay the balance.

“Hence, the company paid a 5% commission to the agent, and when the family returned for a refund, the company debited 5% and 25%, which is a normal procedure in real estate when the buyer requests a refund. But the siblings wrote to the EFCC that the company defrauded them.

“When the EFCC invited us, we went there to submit our C-of-O and demanded that the transaction should be investigated. However, their mother pleaded with me and I gave in and told her to tell her children to withdraw their complaints from the EFCC and return to receive their money, but their mother insisted that they were indebted to some people, and I transferred N15m to her.

“Immediately after that, Mrs Igbinoba accused me of being rude and abused me. I told her to leave my office, I even saw her rushing out; probably she fell on the stairs, I don’t know. There was nothing wrong with her when she left my office.

“I swear to Almighty God, I swear with everything I hold dear, I, Saheed, did not attack this lady. The only thing known is that they are spreading surgery videos. This lady was on her feet when she came to my office and was on her feet when she left my office, so where she got the video from, I don’t know. I didn’t attack her. The only thing I later find out is that somebody is using her to defame my character.”

He, however, added that he had refunded the full N30 million to the family and did not even deduct the N1.5 million that was paid to the agent that brought her siblings to the property.

We Only Requested Security Presence – Gbadamosi

Gbadamosi, when contacted, said, “Igbinoba and my ex-husband are desperate, and may want to plant evidence on the estate to support their false allegation of attempted murder. We only requested security presence if she is to come to her site since she has alleged attempted murder.”

The Force Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Muyiwa Adejobi, said the IG monitoring unit was on the matter, adding that justice would be served.

He said, “They took over the case when a petition was written to the FCID, Alagbon. They know that they are going to bring up a report to decide on the case. Justice will be done.”

Source: SaharaReporters