Who Is Joe Don Chitwood and Why was Oklahoma Police Chief Arrested? Charges Explained

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Oklahoma Police Chief Arrested

Who Is Joe Don Chitwood?

Before a couple of days, a piece of news DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) was removed from his found and found he was on leave and not involved in his duty. Many questions were found on social media platforms. Similarly, a piece of news gets more attraction and becomes the center of the attraction when an Oklahoma police chief was taken into custody after finding himself on the wrong side of the law. Again a cop was found against law and order in America. On Friday 13th May 2022, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics announced the arrest of Joe Don Chitwood, the chief of the Calvin Police Department.

Joe Don Chitwood Oklahoma Police Chief Arrested

The chief officer found drug dealing in southeast Oklahoma, in the United States. Officers of Narcotics brew served an arrest warrant for Joe Don Chitwood, where a news release says that they found small amounts of Methamphetamine. After this news people became more to know more about this news. This article will surely be helpful to you all. You all are politely requested to read this article with the same patience. We will let you know ahead of this article.

Joe Don Chitwood was the house of doubt, but concerned authorities did not have any evidence. This investigation began in the mid-month of April and received information that Chitwood was both using and selling drugs in Huges. OBN and DEA both authorities worked together and make a joint operation, and in the further investigation, the conclusion is “Chitwood is behind the bars.”

People of southeast Oklahoma in the United States are very angry, many of them are exploring this news on social media platforms, and narrating these kinds of police officers do not disserve to live in the city, or country. Many people raised many questions to concerned authorities and said we believe in the law and order of our country. Joe Don Chitwood will be treated as the culprit. Many users said if the police are being found as culprits who will save the nation.