Shaan Pritmani Coppell ISD Bullying and Indian American Teen Assault Video Explained

WATCH: Shaan Pritmani Coppell ISD Bullying and Indian American Teen Assault Video Explained: A 54-second video has caught everyone’s attention on Twitter. Many people saw the video and a lot of tweets were coming for the student. The video has been circulated on multiple platforms and is still trending. In the video, a student was threatening his own classmate. He was saying, Get the fuck out. This was my seat. But the innocent student does not leave his seat. Follow More Update On

Shaan Pritmani

Shaan Pritmani Coppell ISD Bullying

But another student forcibly left his seat and spoke abusive language. However, at one point he got physical with him, which left other students surprised. And making a video of it. He starts fighting him and this thing goes to the next level. The student’s name was Shaan Preetmani Kopel ISD, whose video is going viral on the internet. Almost everyone has seen the video and many people were giving their opinion in their own way.

Shaan Pritmani Coppell ISD Bullying Video Explained

In the video, a white teenager holds Shan’s neck inside the school cafeteria and asks him to leave the chair. School Superintendent Dr. Brad Hunt has given a statement in which he says Kopel ISD is aware of a video. We cannot share any additional details about this situation or matters of student discipline due to student privacy laws. Bullying has become a common thing these days. We have stopped dozens of cases but from now on we cannot handle them. We cannot scold any student because of the CISD student code of conduct. But on behalf of the school, we look into the matter and try to resolve it as soon as possible.

Who Is Shaan Pritmani?

His age was around 12 to 15. He was an Indian American teenage student who went to study and started his daily routine. But after releasing his video on the internet, many people got upset. And the white teenage boy needs to be punished. Shaan was going to school for his studies but he was not aware that he had to face this incident. However, the police are probing the matter. And their investigation is going on. The name of the white teenage boy has not been revealed yet. It is shocking to everyone that bullying still happens today. Some thought it was over. But after watching this viral clip. No one knew that this series was still going on. Let’s see what happens next.

If you are a brown man, that does not mean that others have the right to bully you. But whatever we say, this happen in this till now. So in this world discrimination still exists. This kind of discrimination could be seen many times around the whole world. At the start of this week, an Indian-origin student Shaan has been discriminated against by another white student on the school campus. Shaan is a student of Indian Origin, because he is a brown complexion student he had to face discrimination from the other student. This video has been viral on the Internet very speedily.

People are shocking after watching the video. the video has been trending on the Internet, the concern is because when the school authorities know the fact, they did it a normal argument. School authorities did not take any action against it. even school authorities suspended the victim for three days while the aggressor was only suspended only for a day. Here you could see the clear discrimination by the school authorities. The video has been viral on various social media sides. It is especially viral on Twitter. Twitter’s viewers are taking more interest in the case, they are demanding justice for Shaan.

Texas’s Coppell Middle School a white student misbehaved with an Indian origin student Shaan. In the viral video white student said to Shaan for taking off from the chair in which Shaan was already sitting. when Shaan refused to take off of the chair, the white student started to attack him physically. When Shaan did not vacate the lunch table then a white student pulled him to the ground after gripping Shaan’s throat. This video has been viral on the internet very speedily.

Shaan’s mother Sonika Kukreja is told by the news agency WFAA, that it is very heartbreaking for her. She cried, she could not sleep. She said about her son that, his neck could have snapped. According to some social media netizens, School authorities have been supportive of the white man. That is why the aggressor could not get any punishment. Coppell Middle School did not take any serious action against him. Because the white student’s father Sam Wellington is a member of Coppell Independent School District. So it could be the reason that school authorities did not take any action against him. Netizens really want those white students should be punished very hard. Till now his identity could not be revealed.