Is Mizkif Leaving Twitch For YouTube Platform? Explained

Is Mizkif Leaving Twitch For YouTube Platform? Explained: If you are a game lover and love watching gameplay videos then this article is for you. Because in this article we are going to discuss a Twitch streamer who announced his quit session from Twitch. Yes, you heard it right. He is about to leave the Twitch platform as soon as possible. So if you are curious to know what exactly happened to him and why he left the stage then we are going to tell you in detail why he was leaving it. So without wasting any time let’s start. Follow More Update On


Is Mizkif Leaving Twitch For YouTube Platform?

As you already knew a famous streamer was about to leave the stage. The name of his channel was Mizkif. You can find their channel name on the Twitch platform or you can simply type in Google. You get results. If you see news that he is leaving the Twitch platform, don’t believe him. As they are all misleading you and misleading you. Whoever is spreading the news that he is leaving the Twitch platform. Everyone was wrong. He is neither going to leave the show nor is he leaving the platform.

Anyone who spreads false information about him will probably be the one to be seen in jail. As fake news has become a new trend on social media platforms. And if anyone will get news that he is leaving the show then just report that account and block it. As of now, Mizkiff isn’t leaving Twitch, however, he recently claimed to be leaving the platform for YouTube if he received an offer similar to Ludwig’s. In November 2021, Twitch’s lead content creator, Ludwig Ahlgren, shocked the community when he announced that he had secured an exclusive deal with YouTube.

Mizkif’s Real Name Revealed

Whenever he streams it live on Twitch, he ignites it. Every fan would love to see him stream him. And they made some clips of it where they are viral on other platforms as well. Whenever he makes a video, he just ignites the audience that his audience would love to watch his streams. Currently, he is 27 years old and follows this line. Her net worth would be around $900,000 which is insane and earns a decent amount of money. His income will be from the live stream.