I’m In Governorship Race To Amend Where PDP Has Failed Abians — Orji (Video)

I’m In Governorship Race To Amend Where PDP Has Failed Abians — Orji (Video)

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I'm In Governorship Race To Amend Where PDP Has Failed Abians — Orji (Video) 2

An aspirant for governorship of Abia State in the 2023 general elections, Dr. Sampson Orji has said he is in the race to make amendment and right the wrongs of his party the PDP since it took over leadership in the state in 1999.

According to the former Commissioner and House of Assembly member, the PDP has wronged the people in enormous ways, noting that he is vying for governorship of the state to bring changes where the party has failed.

Featuring in Open Parliament, a Love FM political programme in Umuahia on Tuesday monitored by ABN TV, Dr. Orji, better known as SCOURJ while admitting that the PDP has not got all things right in the leadership of the state enumerated unpaid salaries of workers, accumulated pension arrears, deficient infrastructure, unpaid teachers’ salaries and many others.

He insisted that his party the PDP has failed in many ways in the state which has engineered the growing quest by opposition political parties to take over the state.

“Let’s say the truth, if PDP has done all well from the beginning 1999 till now, everybody would have been clapping for us. There will be no space for any other person wanting to contest from any other party.

“You will agree with me that what is going on in the state is something that has stirred a lot of controversy over who takes the reins of governance in the state.

“All that is pointing to the failure in one way or another of the governance presided over by the PDP. So we will be doing disservice to ourselves and the people if we say all has been uhuru from the day we took over.

“It became even worse when we lost the centre. When we lost the centre, some of those interventions that should have been coming from the federal government were no longer coming” he said.

He said some roads in the state are in dilapidated state, noting that they only require attention, a situation that informed his opinion that the party has not not it all right.

Source:- Abntv