Fire At M4 Prince Of Wales Bridge Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Instagram & YouTube, Injury Update!

Yesterday a fire is block the M4 Bridge. M4 Prince Wales Bridge is one of the most used bridges by the public but yesterday on June 22 it was one-way blocked for a very long time. A large amount of public was blocked because of a big fire. This fire stopped one way of the whole city which the city and people very very much because the M4 Bridge is a way who helps to connect a large number of people to the big city area. The fire started because of one of the wine trucks. When the big wine truck caught fire because of the burning truck, Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Fire At M4 Prince Of Wales Bridge
Fire At M4 Prince Of Wales Bridge Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Instagram & YouTube, Injury Update! 1

Fire At M4 Prince Of Wales Bridge

And after the fire was caught by the wine the road was blocked for approx a day. This was news from 22 to 23 when the bridge was blocked because of the burning fire truck. The truck was in the side burning but fear of blasting was still there that’s why everyone feared crossing the bridge. When the news of this burning truck came in front of the fire department then a big team comes on the bridge to rescue if there was anyone needed. The M4 bridge is a major route for wales and that’s why clearing this bridge is very very important but there were 65 plates of wine that were burning with the truck and it’s dangerous.

Fire At M4 Prince Of Wales Bridge Video

As it was a very very big deal of burning a big number of wines the good news is that there are no injuries supported. Everyone was safe there, even the truck driver who just left the truck when he found that the truck just got fire. And because of his quick actions, the fire department came up there as fast as they can be. The Fire Fighters of Wales came as fast as they can be and they analyzed the whole situation. After coming on the bridge the first thing they do was to rescue if there are any injuries and on the other hand analyze what should be the next step.

Fire At M4 Prince Of Wales Bridge Injury Update

As they analyzed that was a wine truck and going near to a truck in which the product is exploding then the first thing is to control it from a matter of distance. Like that, wales firefighter used their skills and after a very long battle with a burning truck they were able to control the fire and the road will able to move again. It was a very long battle that the firefighter did with the wine truck which is burning with the 65 plates of wine and trying to save the public property is also an important task they did in it. A big thanks to the one who comes to help everyone and helps normal people in this critical time.