10 iconic performances by Mpura and Killer Kau (Videos)

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South African music stars, and Killer Kau might have passed on, but their works will forever live on in the minds of fans, friends and family members.

Monday, 9th of August was a sad day for the music industry, and people are still in pain as the two Amapiano stars were announced to have passed on after being involved in a fatal car accident.

Some of Mpura’s hit songs include,  Umesebenzi Wethu (2020), Ha Omarata (2020), Ngwana Mani (2021), Fudumeza Amanzi (2021), and iDlozi (2021).

Killer Kau on the other hand had his first hit song in 2017 and the duo have been gracing lots of stages performing and entertaining huge crowds.

The duo are fun to watch, especially Kau’s stunning dance moves.

Check out 10 iconic performances by the late musicians below:

Batho ba enjoyed life and we enjoyed watching them enjoy life. It’s probably already lit ko Legodimong tjo mara I still can’ believe they are no more 💔😭

Mara Mpura who is gonna keep us entertained ka di bedtime story, thobela fm le late night hook ups💔#RIPMpura#RIPKillerKau pic.twitter.com/rv8MBDWwa7

— Kat-Leg Modice (@katlinana) August 9, 2021

Mpura was a natural😭🔥a whole vibe😭❤ #RIPKillerKau #RipMpura #RIPthandoTot #RIPKhanyaHadebe #RipTD pic.twitter.com/vkJzgXmHYn

— Kgaugelo ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) (@Kgaugelo2_0) August 11, 2021

#RipMpura #mpura gone but won’ be forgotten❤🕊🙏 pic.twitter.com/FMJcFBELyg

— _sandile_sandy (@Sandile95690533) August 10, 2021

We’ll always miss you my Good sir #mpura 😭your energy was something else 💔💔Rest in peace king pic.twitter.com/0YQRtAO5R4

— KA BE LO👑 (@Indlalifa25) August 9, 2021

Yooh💔💔💔💔😭 Rest in peace kings🙏 #mpura pic.twitter.com/ScPY8LSbw1

— TshepoSebotsane (@SebotsaneTshepo) August 9, 2021

one of the greatest to ever lift the Amapiano genre to new heights with them horsy flows and epic dance moves! #KillerKau the Legend pic.twitter.com/kZbEOjBihj

— S W O O P O F F E R S (@LordKingfordIII) August 10, 2021

#killerkau will be missed🤞🤞💔💔 pic.twitter.com/CjHxPteD0y

— MINISTER OF HIV (@niqita11) August 11, 2021

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