Zandie Khumalom gets candid with fans about congratulating her for making music

Zandie Khumalo 1

Zandie Khumalo has made it clear to her fans that they should stop congratulating her for releasing a song or an album.

The star stated that it is her job  as a musician to release something for them to listen to.

The singer released her latest album Zenala earlier this year, which was heavily inspired by the name she chose for her baby Months after the release of her personal project.

Zandie has encouraged fans to focus on streaming and buying her music to show their support.

Zandie said that the project was rather sentimental to her because the songs let listeners in on the parts of her life that she would have otherwise kept a secret.

She however took to Instagram to advise her followers not to congratulate her on making music.

Khumalo said that in the everyday world, people don’t get congratulated for going to work, so why should she be congratulated for doing her job.

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