Zakwe celebrates 10th anniversary of debut album


South African rapper, Zakwe dropped magic 10 years ago, and he’ taken to social media to celebrate the anniversary.

Sony Music reminded the star that it’ now a decade since he released his debut project and in turn, he said, “On this day, 10 years ago – we released magic.”

Fans were wowed that it’s 10 years already, and they further appreciated him for dropping a classic album.

“az bafo I didn’ understand why I was so hooked on your music until I went back to the beginning which was listening to your first album. I just want to salute you for your great ability which transcends into your music. You know it’s never a small thing to write 2 to 3 verses in each song and make it so relatable. You were right when said ” you not rapping for fun because deep down you know that you are talented as fuck”. Well done my brother,” a fan appreciated him.

“It has been 10 years already? Daaamn that’s what I call it a classic album. Timeless shit,” another fan said.

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