Why Is Dr Viviana Leaving MAFS? Married at First Sight Expert Left The Show, Reason Behind This Explained!

The fans of “Married at First Sight” are sad after the announcement of Dr. Viviana Coles that she left the show. As per the latest report, MASS is moving towards San Diego for the 15th season, but one of the relationship experts will not be seen on the show. Dr. Coles asserted earlier in the month of June that she would be stepping out of MAFS after Lifetime disclosed news experts named Dr. Pia Holec and DeVon Franklin. The fans of Married at First Sight soon started to ask Dr. Viviana on the Internet whether she had made any to coming back to the season, directing her to take to a social media account in order to describe what was occurring. Follow Our website Skywatch.co.za for the latest updates!!!!!

Dr. Viviana Leaving MAFS
Why Is Dr Viviana Leaving MAFS? Married at First Sight Expert Left The Show, Reason Behind This Explained! 1

Dr. Viviana Leaving MAFS

On her social media account, Dr. Coles penned that “I have always been busy with my work commitments and many meaningful projects in both my personal and professional life. So I have chosen to aim more of that my energy or strength on new exciting chances to complete my mission to aid other people who are facing issues in their love relationships. I would not be coming back to the next season of Married at First Sight but I am so delighted for my seven seasons of the spontaneous Television series. I have the faith in the process of MAFS and in my co-workers that they will do their best

Married at First Sight Expert Dr. Viviana Left The Show? Reason

And I will further continue to wish all of the forthcoming contestants all the best. She concluded her post along with a video shooter after she has winded up her last scene for MARS. In the video, she stated that “It is a very sad and emotional day, but I am so delighted and grateful for this chance. I am so thankful to have been a part of this good process and also the part of putting the duos together in love and telling them to that how they can sustain their love life with their partners and how they live a long happy life and so on.”

Who is Dr. Viviana MAFS?

As part of the decision of Coles to ain on new chances, she is presently on a book tour in which she is a new book titled “The 4 Intimacy Styles” The Key To Lasting Physical Intimacy”. The hearsay began to lay out among admirers of MAFS back in the month of March when spoilers started making rounds that Dr. Coles was leaving the show. Holec and Franklin will be the 9th and the 10th experts on the United States version of MAFS. The initial line-up of the experts consisted of Greg Epstein. Dr. Joseph Cilona, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Dr. Logan Levkoff. The show Married At First Sight is telecasted every Wednesday at around 08:00 PM ET on the channel Lifetime.