Who Is Angelica Bell? Is She Pregnant? Pregnancy News Rumors Reason Explained!

Angelica bell’s dress in Chelsea flowers has made many confused about her being pregnant. People are claiming that she is pregnant. And many are guessing the costume might be her way of hiding her pregnancy but is it the truth. Is she really pregnant? Let’s find out more in detail about the Tv personality and her being pregnant. Angelica is a TV and radio personality and she has been on a number of shows and hosted CBBC for six long years. She also anchored That’s genius, X change, 50/50, and Short Change. She also won Celebrity master chef in 2017. She was recently seen in BBC’s Chelsea Flower Show, along with Nicki Chapman. Her pregnancy rumors are topping on the internet and the outfit that she wore in the Chelsea flower show, made the rumors more interesting. Follow Our website Skywatch.co.za for the latest updates!!!!!

Is Angelica Bell Pregnant?
Who Is Angelica Bell? Is She Pregnant? Pregnancy News Rumors Reason Explained! 1

Who Is Angelica Bell?

The outfit which she wore was a polka dot skirt with a black top. The dress complimented the sow, but many doubted that she might be pregnant. Although there is no such statement out officially. Angelica has not given any hint from her side that she is pregnant. She is the of two children already. If she was pregnant she would have given an official statement about her pregnancy. BUT there is no such an official statement. She also didn’t give out any hints like an early bump. The rumors are just baseless.

Is Angelica Bell Pregnant?

Angelica has two children Elijah and Keziah, of which Elijah is the eldest, who was born in 2011. Elijah was born after a year of her marriage. Keziah was born in 2013, two years after Elijah. The TV star is married to Michael Underwood. She keeps sharing pictures of her family and children on her Instagram account. Michael and Angelica got married in 2010, and Michael is her second husband. Before Michael, Angelica was married to Stuart Amory in 2007. After a year of being in a marriage, she divorced Stuart in 2008 and then married Michael.

Angelica Bell: Pregnancy News Rumors Reason

Her net worth is estimated to be around 1.5 million dollars. She does not share any children with Stuart The dress which she wore in Chelsea was body-hugging and later in an Instagram post, she shared pictures of herself in the floral festive. She shared a picture of herself with Nicki, in which she was seen wearing a yellow suit. In both her outfits her was hidden, which made her followers about her pregnancy,