Video of Kelly Khumalo allegedly using muthi surfaces the internet

Kelly Khumalo

has caught the attention of so many after a video of her using dark magic surfaced online.

Few months ago, alleged on Podcast and Chill that his ex and baby mama uses Muthi but it was unclear.

But now as a video has emerged of her acting strange by the riverside, fans are wondering whether it proves the allegations.

In the video, Kelly was seen taking a stroll by the roadside, next to a river.

She is then seen jumping over the guardrail to the riverside, where she stops to stare out into the water for a while.

Finally, Kelly throws a coin into the river, before walking away,

The video, which is not exactly new (Kelly shared a snippet of herself walking that same route in the same outfit some time back), has now been interpreted as proof that she uses muthi.

However, some feels there is no issue with her using muthi, after all she is an African woman, and she is entitled to commune with her ancestors by using African magic if she so wishes.

Watch video below:

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