Uncle Waffles to perform in London for the first time

Uncle Waffles

is elated after securing an international gig.

The South African DJ will be in London on the 5th of March to perform at the world famous club.

The show is named Piano People: UK Debut 2022, and Waffles is among the hot musicians who will be performing there.

Taking to social media, she shared the flier of the event, and captioned it with, β€œThank God.”

Fans congratulated her for starting the year with good news.

Thank you God πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ pic.twitter.com/IKAuQxaD6u

β€” Waffles (@unclewaffffles) January 14, 2022

was among the young star who had a huge break in 2021, as her set on the hit song, Adiwele wows tons of people; she successfully got the attention of American rapper, Drake, who is following her on Instagram.

She got dragged for her fashion sense, as some critics said showing off her g-str!ng is not decent.

However, despite the condemnation, the DJ is flagrantly soaring higher in her career.

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