Thembisa Mdoda opens up about her failed marriage to Atandwa Kani

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Thembisa Mdoda has taken to her opportunity to open up about her failed marriage with Atandwa Kani.

Most times she has been avoiding the talk but decided to share a little bit on her love life when she MC’d at a recent wedding.

She thanked the bride Wendy Tati-Makaba for allowing her to share a few words at the ceremony.

She said, “I love what I do. It healed me in many ways. It also gave me room to laugh at myself. Listen to the lesson here too. @wendy.tati thank you for trusting me with your day. What an honour.”

In the wedding speech, Thembisa said her first marriage is non-existent to her and does not acknowledge it.

“I don’ recognise my first marriage. In fact, it doesn’t even count and I don’t expect people to recognise it. I only learnt this important lesson in my second marriage – that whenever you fight with someone you love, don’t ever forget the love that brought you together. Always be respectful and thoughtful,” she advised.

Watch video below:

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