Slik Talk reveals he’s ready to fight Cassper Nyovest in a boxing match


YouTuber Slik Talk has made it known that he’s ready to fight Cassper Nyovest in a boxing match.

This is coming after Cassper offered him 100k to fight in a boxing match after he slammed the star criticizing him of lacking emotional maturity.

Slik posted a video insulting Cassper as per his YouTube channel’s MO.

Cassper Nyovest responded to the video, saying he would no longer give attention to trolls on social media and offered the controversial YouTuber R100k to engage in a boxing match with him.

“I would love to see Slik Talk in person, preferably in the ring. Tell him I got 100k for him cash, win or lose. All he has to do is survive three rounds, three minutes with me. He has got balls to talk on camera, let’s see if he will man up and come get this money. Offer stands until January” Cassper proposed.

Slik Talk then posted another YouTube video, responding to his offer and saying that though he had never boxed in his life, he claimed he’s ready to get in the ring with the rapper because he’s not a “punk”.

“Everybody around me says don’ do it, they say ‘you’ve never boxed a day in your life’, they say ‘you’ve never been in the ring’, but one thing I’m not, I’m not a punk I say I accept. Let’s f*cken go. I am 100% ready. I can box next week, I can box tomorrow, I can box in five minutes, I don’t care. I am ready 100%.” Slik Talk said.

Slik has also made it known that he is in for the match and he is ready to do whatever he wants if he loses and he will do as he pleases if he wins.

This is gonna be fun!!! I won’ lie, I grew a lil respect for him for taking up the challenge. Now the tricky part is. How do I communicate with him ? E mail ? Phone ? Whats his official Twitter handle as least… Let’s go buddy!!! Enjoy the clout!!! Soon you’ll pay for it.

— Don Billiato (@casspernyovest) November 21, 2021

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