Pankaj Tripathi Did Not Have TV In His Childhood Days, Talks About Being The Face Of Ads Today

Rags to riches: Pankaj Tripathi says he started his career with 'smallest roles'
Pankaj Tripathi Talks About His Struggling Joruney! (Credits: Facebook)

Acclaimed actor Pankaj Tripathi, who comes from a humble background, has talked about starting his career from small roles in Hindi cinema to becoming face of brands today.

Pankaj says, “I started my career with the smallest roles in movies. I have spent years essaying multiple roles assigned to me by filmmakers, while running my soles thin in pursuit of a big break on the big screen. I come from a place where there was no television in my growing up days there was no mode of entertainment through TV forget what it looks like.”

“At that point I never thought of that some day I would be endorsing any brands or products. Today, I feel humbled and honoured that many brands have given me the responsibility of representing them on such a large scale. It feels like my patience has finally paid off and that people still connect with simplicity and genuineness,” Pankaj Tripathi continued.

Pankaj Tripathi says he ensures to select brands on which he could lay his trust for his audience since its a great responsibility on my shoulders to represent a brand that falls truly on his vision and belief.

“The fact that the audiences connect with me and the kind of roles I play definitely has a part in getting me all of these new associations and opportunities and I shall make sure that I continue to do good work and try to maintain my connection with the audience with utmost honesty and dedication.”

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