Master KG claims Makhadzi is his wife

Master KG Makhadzi

Master KG got brows raised on social media after referring to as his wife.

The two are gradually getting public about their rumored relationship after announcing their break up in 2020 after dating for two years.

Within the past few months, they’ve been quite close and a video of the two kissing at a show recently went viral.

While people are yet to have a full grasp of the kind of relationship between them, the Jerusalema hitmaker called the singer his wife.

Limpopo boy-bujwa played a prank with Makhadzi, by doing the “fucken plane challenge”, which was formerly known as “fucken car challenge.”

In the video, bujwa tried pushing the singer off the plane; while people laughed off the act, Master KG commented by defending his wife.

“Yei pasop on my wife,” KG commented.

However, netizens were shocked and curious; they asked if he’s paid her lobola.


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