Lasizwe has a big announcement to make today – Fans anticipate


Lasizwe has taken to his social media to reveal that he has a big announcement today.

The star expresses his excitement saying he is so nervous and he is in a celebration mood.

Lasizwe stated that his fans also need to be in the same mood as he is will want his fans to guess correctly what the big announcement is.

“Use the hashtag #NomatriquencyXSteers If one person can guess correctly what the big announcement is about… today someone lucky will be smiling hard today as they check what I’ve sent them via DM! GOOD LUCK”

Many of his fans are excited and can not wait for him to drop the news.

See tweets below:

Im so nervous about the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I’m about to do today.

— Lasizwe (@lasizwe) September 27, 2021

I’m in such a celebration mood! I need my fans to also be in the mood… do you know what that means?😁

— Lasizwe (@lasizwe) September 27, 2021

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