Lamiez Holworthy lands in trouble

Lamiez Holworthy 1

Lamiez Holworthy has stepped on the toes of many after she shared her opinion about Dineo Ranaka’s video.

Dineo recently broke the internet when a video came to light, where she revealed private things about her life, all while yelling at a man who seems to be her most recent lover.

The video brought so many mixed reactions from people as they figured out that Dineo should not be yelling at a grown man like that, particularly one that she has been intimate with.

But Dj Lamiez saw the video in a different light.

She went online to lament the fact that Dineo was secretly filmed, probably by somebody she considers a “friend”, in a very vulnerable state and in the middle of a meltdown.

Lamiez wanted to know what kind of friends would do something like that then leak the video.

The man in the video is called Sechaba Thole, and from context, we can tell that he has been her lover for some time now.

Dineo told him that she only used him as a rebound to get over her failed marriage, and bragged about being a much bigger star than he is.

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