Kabelo Mabalane slammed for his involvement in ‘No Excuse’ campaign


Kabelo Mabalane has been slammed for taking part in a gender based violence initiative which seeks to “empower” perpetrators to get help.

Last week the former TKZee member and his wife, Gail Mabalane, alongside Dr Musa Mthombeni and his wife, Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni launched the No Excuse campaign against gender-based violence.

This received mixed reactions from social media users who are baffled by his audacity to start a campaign where he sends out a positive message to perpetrators, especially after admitting to being a former abuser himself.

Taking to Twitter, Kabelo shared about the initiative and said: “Last week we launched #NoExcuse. A campaign that vehemently condemns intimate partner violence. As a young man I too was a perpetrator of this shameful cowardly behaviour.

“The shame and the embarrassment made me shy away from these spaces and I’ve since learned that as important as it is to take full responsibility for this reprehensible unacceptable behaviour, I am also now at (a) place where I appreciate the importance of lending my voice to fighting this pandemic. To the perpetrators there is hope and there is healing. Don’t be afraid to get help.”

#NoExcuse#Ally pic.twitter.com/0nwS3cTJwN

— Kabelo Mabalane (@KabeloMabalane) November 24, 2021

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