Jo-Ann Strauss updates fans about her brother’s memorial service

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Jo-Ann Strauss has taken to her social media to give update about her brother’ memorial service.

Few days ago, the star announced the passing of her brother, Heinrich.

Although, she did not give much details about her brother’ passing but she shared that he is the best brother she had.

In her new post, Jo-Ann thanked everyone for their kindness revealing the memorial service will take place on Tuesday, 28th December 2032 at exactly 11am.

She also said that there will be a limited amount of people that will be present due to the pandemic.

Jo-Ann said: “Thank you for all your kindness. Heinrich’ memorial service will take place on Tuesday, the 28th of December 2021 at 11am. Due to the current situation with the pandemic, we will only have a limited amount of people present. My dad and I will reach out directly to them to send further information. The memorial will be available to watch online as we know how many loved him and want to be part of saying goodbye. I’ll share the link and platform in due course too.”

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