Israel Matseke Zulu reveals he’s not ready to open up about his amputated leg

Israel Matseke Zulu

Israel Matseke Zulu has made it known that he is not ready to open up about his amputated leg.

This is coming after it was reported that the star had his right leg amputated due to gangrene

The actor had to leave his work commitments behind because he was dependent on a wheelchair to move around.

Israel has come out and said that he is not in the space to talk about his procedure as the matter is still rather sensitive.

The actor has finally spoken up about his condition with Daily Sun.

He said: “I’ not ready to talk about it, I don’ want to lie,” he told the publication.

“I don’t know who gave the people who wrote the story about me the right to. And I know that you guys work in newspapers and you write about famous people and write what you want, but I wasn’t willing to speak about it and I’ still not willing to speak about it.” 

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