Hairstylist responds to claims laid by Nadia Nakai regarding her R12K wig

Nadia Nakai

Celeb stylist and founder of Lajawi Hair, Jawad Maphoto has finally responded to the allegation laid against him by Nadia Nakai.

This is coming after Nadia called him put for ruining her R12k wig.

The stylist claimed that rapper acted out of “a mood she was in”.

What colour is this? If you say, you colour and this is what you mean, this is complete bulls**t. Don’ say you are a hairstylist if you don’t know what the f**k you are doing. This wig was R12,000. Like what the f**k, so you gave it back to me like this for what,” she said, giving fans a glimpse of the wig.



“You completely f**ked up my hair. Look what they did to my wig!”

Responding to that, the stylist said he was willing to mend the rapper’s issues if she approached the situation in a calmer state.

“Whatever mood she was in on that day, that sort of affected her. We were used as punching bags, in the way she lashed out. If she put on the wig, people would not see it.

“I think if I had really done damage to her wig, I would really take charge. If and when a client complains, they come to the shop and we fix it. I think the situation is still harsh now. Maybe in a calmer state we can talk, but I know that if she puts it on, no-one will see the problem. It’s in a perfect state it was just not styled.”

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