Famous “Uzalo” actress is reportedly struggling to pay loan shark


Famous Uzalo actress is allegedly struggling to pay back a loan shark.

Daily Sun revealed that their team are aware of the actress’ identity, but have chosen to keep it secret from the public.

Reporting the actress to the publication, the mashonisa from Inanda, north of Durban, said the actress owes him R25k, which she borrowed when she was struggling financially earlier in the year, and she’s failed to fulfill her promise on paying back.

“I was forced to borrow from other people to lend her money, hoping she would pay back as per our agreement.

“Those people are now demanding their money back from me. She used to tell me she was struggling because Uzalo suspended shooting and sometimes they were working but were not paid on time.”

“I know she has other gigs besides Uzalo and those gigs pay her, but she still doesn’ want to pay my money back.”

The person who loaned her money said he has no evidence as their conversation was over a phone call, and she’s being pleading not to expose her to the media, in other to protect her reputation.

“She knows this will humiliate her because she is the ambassador of certain brands. Now I have involved my mother and her mother to resolve this because she must stop ducking and diving.”

The Daily Sun team reached out to her, but she has nothing to say, as she never expected that the man will report her to the media.

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