DJ Karabo’s cause of death revealed

Karabo 1

DJ Karabo’ death still shocks many as the cause of her death has been made known.

Few days before her death , she hinted at being hospitalised, and also revealed that she escaped death.

“To think I almost died…That is trauma beyond anything. No one should experience this. I’m still not well not sure how long for but damn I want to live. Everyday I ask God for life and to live. Tired of needles and everything else,” she tweeted.

Well it has been confirmed that she died from complications related to abdominal surgery.

In a statement shared, Miss Ducasse’ family said they were grateful for the love they have received since the news broke.

“The past 24 hours have demonstrated the love and respect Karabo enjoyed from her peers and, most importantly, her fan base. For this, we are indebted to the industry that she loved so dearly.”

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