DJ Karabo “Miss Ducasse” has passed away


Karabo a.k.a Miss Ducasse has passed away and lovers of the socialite have taken to social media to pay tribute.

An official statement as regards her passing is yet to be shared, but the DJ tops Mzansi Twitter trend list, as people are shocked at her passing.

Though, few days ago, she hinted at being hospitalised, and also revealed that she escaped death.

“To think I almost died…That is trauma beyond anything. No one should experience this. I’ still not well not sure how long for but damn I want to live. Everyday I ask God for life and to live. Tired of needles and everything else,” she tweeted.

Friends in the industry have taken to social media to pay tribute.

Rest in peace Karabo. Thank you for your never ending support, your contribution to the industry and for being a tour guide in every country Ive seen you in. Till we meet again ✊🏽🙏🏾☹️

— DJ Franky (@FrankySA) December 29, 2021

It’s loosing people like Karabo that makes me question God but then my girl made me understand that he only wants angels next to him….#RIPKarabo 🕊🙏🏽

— BEAST FROM THE EAST (@DjfanaticSA) December 29, 2021

We fought a lot, we had one weird but fun friendship! The drunk nights, the long phone calls!! You lived your life, you traveled the world and most of all you did what you wanted at whatever time you wanted! Your death really disturbed me! Rest in Peace Karabo 🥺🤕🥲

— Bhuts MaBrruu (@BhutsTunz) December 29, 2021

Miss Ducasse Dearest Karabo where do we begin. It’s your confidence that needed to bottled &sold to many other women & young girls. It was your absolutely beautiful, infectious & unapologetic energy. Your exquisite soul. We have truly lost a phenomenal woman. Fly with Angels 💔

— Sisterhood Connect (@Sisterhood_Conn) December 29, 2021

I don’t know anyone more full of life than Karabo. She did absolutely everything she wanted to do. She went to every country, stayed at the best hotels, met everybody she wanted to meet, attended parties with world’s fanciest people, became a DJ, loved fiercely & fearlessly. ❤️🕊

— ATHI GELEBA (@AthiGeleba) December 29, 2021

It was always love sisi 🙏🏽💔🕊 DJ Karabo Ducasse. Thank you for always being bubbly and full of life. @Karabo_Ducasse

— DJ VOODOO 🍒 (@IAmDJVoodoo) December 29, 2021

This is how I will remember you @Karabo_Ducasse

You were happy the last time we were together & we had a chance to chat which I appreciated much.

Thank you, for giving of yourself fully to all of us.

— The Fibroid Influencer (@Refilwe_kumalo) December 29, 2021

You were truly amazing… 💔🕊️

— mandy_thebizniz (@Mandy_thebizniz) December 29, 2021

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