Cassper Nyovest to Nota – “I’ll give you 100k to step in the boxing ring”

Cassper Nota

Cassper Nyovest challenges Nota Baloyi by offering him R100k if he agrees to a boxing match.

Nota has been consistent with antagonizing the rapper for a long time, and the Cassper is set to put an end to everything in a boxing ring, just like he did with Slik Talk.

“Unlike Slik Talk. Nota doesn’ have the guts to step in the ring. He would never ever. He prefers tweeting. I would knock him out. In fact lemme put it like this. NOTA , ILL GIVE YOU 100 k to step in the ring with me. Then you’ll have 300k in your savings. Anytime, I am game,” the rap star tweeted.

Cassper is quite confident that Nota will be a coward, but the rapper is set to punch him till he lands in the hospital, all he awaits is his cooperation.

Ofcos he won’t. Nota is soft but he like acting hard. I would love to catch a fade with him. Only thing stopping me is catching a case cause he is definitely going to the cops. The day I get a chance to see him in the ring or sumn, he definitely going to hospital. ON GOD! https://.co/fcJCiKYhOd

— Don Billiato (@casspernyovest) January 12, 2022

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