Bujy Bikwa releases official statement on his fight with Boity


Bujy Bikwa has finally released an official statement regarding his altercation with Thulo.

This is coming after photo and video of being assaulted by Bujy surfaces.

The star claimed Boity provoked him to a point of retaliation, leading him to his regrettable actions

Bujy says his actions are not a reflection of his character and he has tried to reach out to Boity but has had no luck.

The former radio host has stated that Boity is not completely innocent and the fight was a two-way street.

Bujy says he has tried to meet up with the celeb to resolve things but hasn’ gotten a response.

Bikwa expressed that he felt remorseful about his actions and tried to reach out to Boity to take accountability for his doings but his efforts were in vain.

In a statement released on Instagram, Bujy expressed that he was deeply saddened to be labelled as an abuser considering he is an advocate against GBV.

So he took the liberty to tell his side of what happened that night.

When retelling the events, Bujy said: “I was verbally abused and told that my surname has no relation to who I am and because of that, that is why my career is going nowhere in terms of growth, in fact, “what is it that I do in the media industry because I am actually nothing.”

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