Buhle Samuels opens up about what really happened with her position on ‘Imbewu

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Buhle Samuels has opned up about the rumours that she was fired from Imbewu surfaced.

This is coming after Phil Mphela reported that she was fired from Imbewu: The Seed.

“Season 4 of Imbewu is starting soon sans the gorgeous Buhle Samuels as Zandile. Word is; Buhle and production had different views on the character and story development. Production decided to let go of Buhle and recast the role.”

Reacting to this, Buhle urged Phil Mphela to verify his facts under a tweet in which he claimed she was given the boot.

She further explained that she was ready for challenges that the Imbewu script would not offer in the future, resulting in her leaving.

Samuels also denounced allegations that she is difficult to work with by explaining what went down behind the scenes of previous shows she worked on.

Actress Buhle Samuels slammed claims that she was sacked from her job on the popular soapie, Imbewu.

She took to Twitter to detail her side of the story under Phil Mphela’s original tweet making the claims.

Buhle Samuels broke down about what really happened regarding her role on Imbewu on Friday evening.

She explained that she wasn’ fired as speculations asserted, but quit to avoid playing another gold digger

Buhle also went on to advise Phil Mphela to seek the truth from reputable sources before presenting such claims.

Her clarifying tweet was followed by a mini-rant that sought to clear her name from a diva reputation.

She said: “I was also “fired” from my last job! A job I left because I felt I needed growth and didn’ feel it was possible in that environment. Next thing I’ labelled hard to work with, “a diva.” I have never been that person. People in any production I have worked with can attest to this!”

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